Lion Designs: Wallet w/ Carbon Fiber Clip & Portable Charger

The Lion Designs Wallet is an all-in-one wallet, charger and money clip. The RFID Leather Wallet combines a Carbon Fiber Money Clip, Portable Phone Charger, and 8 Card/Coin Slots into a Unique Luxury Wallet. With the Lion Designs Wallet you can easily slide your cash into the Carbon Fiber Money Clip, while having 3 card slots in the front and back for your cards and 2 on the sides for cards and coins. You can charge your Apple or Android phone seamlessly with the 2000mAh Portable Battery. This wallet is truly unique and its idea was to combine the aspect of luxury with utilization. A regular money clip only works with cash, just as a cardholder does with cards. Combining the two with the application of charging your phone on the go is what brought the Lion Designs Wallet to life. The lIon Designs Wallet is a practical fashion accessory that goes well with any look. Whether you’re suited up, or just in jeans and a t-shirt, you can be sure to make a statement with this wallet. The Money Clip and Portable Charger are removable, so you can rock these as separate accessories, or have them complement each other into an all-in-one luxury wallet.

For more details or to buy it now visit the Lion Designs Wallet on Kickstarter here!

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