Trak Tag Tracker with 80 Year Battery + SOS/Video Button

The Trak Tag Tracker is a Bluetooth tracker with built-in battery and 1 button remote control for SOS Calls, Video, Pictures and Audio. It can protect your valuables as well as your kids! You can track anything from keys, bags and kids and your phone will remind if you leave anything behind.

Here are some of the main features:

  • Trak Tag flashes & beeps when separated from your phone
  • Phone Alarm – reminds you when separate from Trak Tag
  • 1 Touch Button to Find lost Trak Tag or Phone
  • Apps show the last GPS location of Trak Tag on Google Maps
  • Group Find – Other allowed phones can find your Trak Tag
  • Crowd GPS Locator – network of other Trak Tag owners will ping the GPS location of your Trak Tag when nearby *late 2016
  • Battery recharges in 1 hour – lasts 2 months
  • 1 Touch SOS Calling to any phone number
  • Programmable Remote Button – Secretly turn on your phone’s Video, Camera, or Audio Recorder

For more details or to buy it now visit the Trak Tag on Kickstarter here!

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